Honegger AG
Added value since 1948

69 years old and more successful than ever: The family business which was founded in 1948 currently employs around 6,000 people in 25 offices and subsidiaries in all four linguistic regions of Switzerland.

Our services include the administration and management of buildings, facilities and equipment. Our all-embracing, strategic and life-cycle-based management and service approach allows us to make buildings,

their systems, processes and contents available on a continual basis, maintain the serviceability of these as well as adapt them to changing organisational and market-driven requirements.

We adopt our customers' requirements as our own and in so doing contribute to the value addition of the company.

Only those assured of their
personal values, can act with self-assurance

Raise your glasses – to the future!

To celebrate our 66th anniversary, we indulged ourselves in a campaign that sparkled like champagne. A campaign that challenged. And created a real stir here and there.

Honegger is proud to proclaim itself a traditional company that is committed to upholding traditional Swiss values: Tolerance. Customer-led responsiveness. Openness. Cohesion. But tradition at Honegger doesn't mean backward-looking or old-fashioned.

On the contrary: Our future is one created by upholding proven virtues in our everyday lives. A regard for good traditions is our driving force for tomorrow. One that has made Honegger successful for 66 years. And, we trust, one that will also bear fruit in the future.

It is what we stand for. Day in and day out. In dealing with our customers and employees. And naturally, not least, in also launching our new campaign which is both all-embracing and modern. And so typically Swiss, precisely because of this.