Facade cleaning for a national media company

Facade cleaning for a national media company

Veröffentlicht: 11.09.2017

A clean and well-kept facade is a company’s business card and helps to convey a positive image to the outside world. With its sophisticated services, Honegger makes an important contribution to a company’s appearance and especially to the retention of building value.

Ambitious goal for the project

Facade, window and blind cleaning. Removal of ingrained soiling accumulated over many years.

The challenge: to minimise the use of chemicals

A constant challenge in facade cleaning today, especially when dealing with large glass facades and window frontages, is to keep the use of chemicals and cleaning agents as low as possible. This is vital to prevent the materials finding their way into our soil and groundwater via the waste water.

Ecologically tailor-made process implemented

The buildings to be cleaned are often situated in close proximity to green spaces. Honegger attaches great importance to environmental protection. This is why we have developed a process for such situations that takes all ecological standards into account: the use of a facade and window cleaning system employing solely osmosis water.

Because osmosis water is 100% lime-free, cleaning chemicals can be reduced by as much as 100%. Moreover, it ensures that the cleaned glass surfaces are free from lime streaks. The cleaning quality can be maintained and even increased, despite the absence of cleaning chemicals.

Effective results thanks to tried and tested methods

In this assignment, Honegger cleaned the facades, windows and blinds of an 8,500 m2 building extending over 7 and 14 floors.

As a general rule, Honegger carries out test cleaning of a sample area for each individual customer order. Before the order is executed, we provide detailed written documentation to ensure that our customers’ expectations and wishes are satisfied as closely as possible. And even exceeded again and again.

Facade cleaning for a national media company

Facade cleaning for a national media company