Pergola and Leuenmatt retirement and nursing homes

Pergola and Leuenmatt retirement and nursing homes

Veröffentlicht: 29.06.2017

The case study shows how the Pergola and Leuenmatt retirement and nursing homes assessed the work carried out by Honegger.

Constructive customer feedback makes an important contribution to Honegger’s quality awareness. 

We are happy to receive any feedback: this enables us to match our customers’ high expectations while consistently and comprehensively maintaining our quality loop. 

As in the case of the Pergola and Leuenmatt retirement and nursing homes, for example.


Objective of the assignment

Process optimisation, resources with which to boost efficiency and quality, thus forming a decision-making basis for optimisation and outsourcing. The Pergola retirement and nursing home is planning a replacement building.

The challenges

Outdated buildings, poor documentation

Services provided

Analysis, basic infrastructural and technical facility management package, cleaning, laundry, building services – including evaluation and analysis of the opportunities for optimisation in respect of resources and finances.

Customer feedback

 “The Honegger personnel have in-depth knowledge, great experience and the ability to quickly identify and put forward optimisation opportunities and describe specific implementation measures. They address customer needs at all times and are well aware of the specific issues and problems faced by the industry.

Honegger stands out particularly for its straightforwardness, efficiency, competence and Swissness.”