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Regular basic and further training for our employees

We are absolutely committed to quality. For this reason, it is imperative that we actively concern ourselves with the basic and further training of our employees at all 23 locations. We do so not only as part of a specific assignment, but as a long-term, systematic and integrated policy across all areas.

Only in this way can we guarantee that newly developed methods and technologies are applied correctly in practice.

Honegger provides its employees with all the necessary prerequisites for successful basic and further training.

On account of the large number of further training options in our numerous vocational fields, there are many exciting opportunities and good prospects for the future.

An apprenticeship at Honegger
training that is future-proof

As a responsible company, we regard training as a key issue affecting the future of education and employment in Switzerland.

We offer our trainees the opportunity to complete a federally recognised apprenticeship with certificate of proficiency as a building cleaner, commercial administrator or, in the case of our subsidiary HLD Clean Consult SA, as a logistician.

We maintain a presence at the annual BAM (Bernese Education and Training Fair) in collaboration with Allpura, the Swiss trade association, to give interested persons a better understanding of the occupation of building cleaner. We also offer taster days by arrangement.

If you have any questions, please contact our training officer Mr Gilbert Zahnd (g.zahnd@honegger.ch).

Honegger scholarship
promotes young talents

Our commitment is to the professionals of the future. That is why since 2013 we have awarded a full scholarship to students attending the Bachelor in Facility Management course at the Zurich University for Applied Sciences (ZHAW).

The scholarship covers the tuition fees for the three-year course of study.

We are thrilled to be able to make a contribution to tertiary-level education in our industry.

If you have any questions about the Honegger scholorship you can adress to communication@honegger.ch.

The Honegger Academy
training programme for in-house and third-party personnel

We specialise in the areas of cleaning, facility management, cleanroom and healthcare. We are pleased to pass on our knowledge. Employees of other companies and public administrations are also offered the opportunity to complete training courses in a wide range of areas.

The courses are structured in line with customer wishes. In addition to employee development, they also serve as theoretical and practical exam preparation (e.g. for caretakers, etc.).

Specially equipped theory, practice and meeting rooms are available for this purpose at our head office in Köniz.

Our skilled and certified training team will be pleased to advise you on the composition of your training programme.

Further information is available by e-mail: (g.zahnd@honegger.ch).