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Our mission is the value retention of your property and facility

Integral infrastructural technical commercial Facility Management

Integral Facility Management

As a facility management full-service provider, Honegger Ltd. will undertake all manner of infrastructural, technical tasks on your behalf. We will attend to the proper commercial and environmental management of your building to allow you to concentrate on your core business. As specialists in buildings, we have been looking after facilities like real estate portfolios, hospitals, kindergartens, shopping centres and residential properties for seven decades. With 23 regional offices, we maintain a presence throughout Switzerland and in all four language regions to assist you. Concentrate on your core business and we'll attend to your supporting processes – because your properties and facilities are what we care about. 

Our expertise for your building

Julien André_quer.jpg

Julien andré

FM Project Manager for Western Switzerland

This Facility Management specialist focuses on one thing in particular: identifying potential synergies and taking advantage of them. What this means in practice is comprehensively incorporating all parties involved into the various phases of development and implementation of an FM project, and doing so at the earliest stage possible. Objectives can be achieved in good time and on schedule, and optimisation solutions can be evaluated.

‘The goal is to achieve the best and most efficient possible performance of buildings, systems and installations over their entire life cycle.’ This is one of the most important approaches in modern building management for this trained Head of Facility Management.

To Julien André problems only exist because there are ways of solving them. These solutions are the driving force that motivates him – and this, in combination with his comprehensive technical knowledge, is what allows new and effective possibilities to be established.

Julien André is a graduate Head of Facility Management (Swissmeme), maintenance expert (ESG) and Head of Technical Building Management (USPI).

Nurije Dega.jpg

Nurije Dega

Business Engineer Technical Facility Management

Actively exploiting constant change and anticipating and implementing specific customer requirements in the best possible way: In Nurije Dega's view, these are the greatest challenges of future-oriented facility management. She has been responsible for technical facility management at Honegger since June 1, 2021.

Loosely based on the US economist Peter Drucker, her motto is: «The greatest danger in times of change is not the change itself, it is acting with yesterday's logic». She sees the introduction of uniform standards throughout Switzerland and consistent compliance with them as groundbreaking for the facility management of the future at Honegger. What is important to her is that «we accept challenges and work together to overcome them».

Nurije Dega holds a Bachelor of Science in Facility Management (GEFMA) and is currently completing her Master of Engineering in Industrial Engineering and Management. She brings a broad knowledge in planning and implementation of integral facility management as well as specific experience in technical operational maintenance.

The motivated communicator consistently scores with a customer- and solution-oriented approach. «It motivates me to design customized concepts around the management of a property. Cost efficiency and optimal operational maintenance throughout the entire life cycle are always in the foreground for me.»

Lucca Bertuzzo_Leiter Vermarktung IFM.jpg

Luca Bertuzzo

Head of Marketing IFM

Luca Bertuzzo is a specialist IFM and has a broad range of knowledge and many years of experience in real estate and facility management. Luca Bertuzzo worked for Honegger AG from 2012 - 2016 as a calculator and later as a and later as project manager.

For the real estate developer Halter AG and Tend AG, he ensured operational efficiency and profitability throughout the entire life cycle of real estate in the area of operational planning and optimisation.

Bertuzzo sees himself as a « homecomer » - which makes us happy - since 1 September 2021 he has been devoting himself to the following two areas in our company: In the context of marketing, he is driving sales of Integral FM services. In organisational development, his focus is on expanding performance in the area of facility management.

His goal is to optimise the performance of our clients' properties, portfolios and organisations in terms of quality and costs.

His favourite statement: « Start with the End in Mind ».

Our high degree of in-house production means added value for you

The high degree of in-house production enables us to make use of synergistic effects, reduce interfaces and safeguard the quality of our services, making them efficient and of the highest quality. You are the beneficiary since this is directly reflected in the price, creating added value for you.

With an in-house production level of over 90 per cent in infrastructural facility management and almost 70 per cent in technical facility management, Honegger is above the industry average.


Marc Pfister

Head of Integral Facility Management, Zurich, Bern,  Basel, Central Switzerland, Northern and Eastern Switzerland

direct: +41 31 950 53 53

e-mail: fm@honegger.ch
Marc Pfister

antonio racioppi

Head of Integral Facility Management French-part of Switzerland & Ticino

direct: +41 21 654 33 00

e-mail: fm@honegger.ch
Antonio Racioppi