Our mission is the value retention of your property and facility

As a facility management full-service provider, Honegger AG will undertake all manner of infrastructural, technical and commercial tasks on your behalf. We will attend to the proper commercial and environmental management of your building to allow you to concentrate on your core business. As specialists in buildings, we have been looking after facilities like real estate portfolios, hospitals, kindergartens, shopping centres and residential properties for seven decades. With 25 regional offices, we maintain a presence throughout Switzerland and in all four language regions to assist you. Concentrate on your core business and we'll attend to your supporting processes – because your properties and facilities are what we care about. 

Our passion is your benefits for your building

Extensive vertical manufacturing integration secures added value for you

A high degree of vertical manufacturing integration enables us to profit from synergies, reduce the number of interfaces and secure the quality of our services. You get to benefit from these synergies: they are reflected directly in the price, thereby creating added value for you. 

Cumulative expertise, thanks to a full-service offering

Your costs will reduce to a minimum thanks to our cumulative property expertise and our full-service offering. Dedicate your new available resources to your core business. We will care for your properties and facilities. 

Your fair partner

We are friendly, open-minded and committed solely to our clients. We see our clients as partners with whom we nurture long-term relationships. Because our approach is one of partnership, we charge any necessary third-party services to our clients without additional mark-ups. We communicate openly, honestly and clearly.