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Our mission is the value retention of your property and facility

Integral infrastructural technical commercial Facility Management

Integral Facility Management

As a facility management full-service provider, Honegger AG will undertake all manner of infrastructural, technical and commercial tasks on your behalf. We will attend to the proper commercial and environmental management of your building to allow you to concentrate on your core business. As specialists in buildings, we have been looking after facilities like real estate portfolios, hospitals, kindergartens, shopping centres and residential properties for seven decades. With 25 regional offices, we maintain a presence throughout Switzerland and in all four language regions to assist you. Concentrate on your core business and we'll attend to your supporting processes – because your properties and facilities are what we care about. 

Our portfolio of facility management mandates

Our facility management specialists already look after more than 130 premises. In many cases (37%) this involves an integral  mandate.

Our expertise for your building

van den Hout_neu_600x600.jpg

Freek van den Hout 

Head of Facility Management

Although he has only been with us since the start of 2017, Freek van den Hout already has a very clear understanding of the reasons for the success of facility management at Honegger: In his opinion, “The customer service commitment is extremely high and the business acumen is also very well developed.” Added to these are a marked quality awareness and the willingness to explore new horizons. “We are equipped for the future and have a comprehensive portfolio of state-of-the-art systems at our disposal.”

Freek van den Hout should know. A seasoned expert in facility management, having worked in this industry since its inception, he spent nearly 25 years working in a variety of sectors before joining Honegger as Head of Facility Management.

At Honegger he is responsible for the ongoing development and expansion of facility management services for the entire Honegger Group and thus has the important task of opening up and establishing a new business area.

Fuchs Remo 2.jpg

Remo Fuchs

Project Leader Facility Management

Remo Fuchs, Project Leader Facility Management, is currently extending his multi-faceted basic training as a heating planner, sanitary installer and plumber with an MAS in sustainable construction (MAS EN Construction). He will be able to put the acquired knowledge to excellent use in his work. For example, in operational matters such as the entire tendering system, in implementation, representational tasks at trade fairs and conferences or technical management and support of the operating departments.

Remo Fuchs regards Honegger AG’s aspiration to play a key role in Swiss facility management as a great and challenging motivation. Fuchs is in no doubt: “Honegger will be able to outstrip the competition thanks to its open and partnership-based communication and order processing.”


Doris Bachmann

Department Manager Facility Management, Berne, midland region and Solothurn branches

Doris Bachmann has been responsible for the development and expansion of the facility management departments in Bern, Solothurn and Basel since 2003. She has a successful track record. Her explanation: “We respond to our customers and strive constantly to fulfil all their wishes. What’s more, we deliver top quality and adhere to the principle ‘Nothing is impossible’.” This is made easier by the fact that Honegger runs like one big family: “A family in which we enjoy trust, loyalty and esteem.”

Doris Bachmann is well versed in tackling new challenges. She relies on her many years’ experience in the job, her knowledge of the market and her extensive network. “And on the support of my employer and superiors,” adds Doris Bachmann.

Wolfensberger F.jpg

Fabiola Wolfensberger

Operations Manager Facility Management, Zurich branch

As Operations Manager Facility Management, Fabiola Wolfensberger is responsible for the impeccable technical maintenance and upkeep of buildings. Personnel management is another key aspect of her job. Here the qualified caretaker and maintenance specialist pays particular attention to a transparent and structured allocation of tasks and open communication. “We have many expert employees and the readiness to help others within the team is remarkable. It helps us learn and benefit from one other to great effect,” says Fabiola Wolfensberger.

At the present time, the facility management market is keenly contested according to Wolfensberger. However, customers will recognise that in the long term, the quality of the work outweighs the financial aspect. And then Honegger AG’s fortunes will also flourish in the FM sector.

Our high degree of in-house production means added value for you

The high degree of in-house production enables us to make use of synergistic effects, reduce interfaces and safeguard the quality of our services, making them efficient and of the highest quality. You are the beneficiary since this is directly reflected in the price, creating added value for you.

With an in-house production level of over 90 per cent in infrastructural facility management and almost 70 per cent in technical and commercial facility management, Honegger is above the industry average.