Regional Office Basel

Kaiser_Matthias_NL_Honegger_AG_01.jpg Manager regional office mAtthias Kaiser

Strong customer confidence builds customer loyalty. Matthias Kaiser considers this to be an essential principle. «The better we recognise the needs of the customer, the more we are able to offer appropriate and innovative solutions». As a qualified business economist and shipment specialist, Matthias Kaiser has a broad range of experience in various sectors and different leadership positions. Followwing his numerous professional roles abroad, the manager of the Basel office is looking forward to successful collaboration with colleagues in a multicultural environment.

Our specialist areas 

  • Maintenance cleaning 
  • Construction site cleaning
  • Specialist cleaning services
  • Domestic cleaning
  • Contract personnel
  • Infrastructural Facility Management
  • Cleanroom


Honegger AG
Pumpwerkstrasse 19-21
4142 Münchenstein
T. +41 61 467 96 00
F. +41 61 467 96 10


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