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Sustainability at Honegger

We accept our responsibility in social, environmental and economic matters. In this respect, Honegger’s commitment finds expression in a variety of ways. We set ambitious targets for ourselfs and attach importance to measurable sustainability in all areas. Our goal: the maximum possible sustainability in the life cycle of your properties.

Social sustainability

A motivated and healthy workforce contributes substantially to the competitive strength and economic success of the company. Honegger attaches importance to active, sustainable health management. This is in turn reinvested in the operative social and human resources. It assures and mobilises achievement potential


Prevention is a core component of our active health management. Here we provide input and training in the areas of ergonomics, exercise and relaxation.


Head of Occupational Safety
E-mail: qm@honegger.ch

Feedback management

Feedback from our employees is important to us. We take the pulse of our workforce by means of periodic satisfaction surveys. Depending on the results, we introduce appropriate measures, also at short notice. We re-examine the various key topics at regular intervals so as to guarantee consistency and consolidation.

Employee development and further training

As part of its social sustainability commitment, Honegger systematically supports employee development and provides many opportunities for basic and further training.

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Social partnership

Honegger is also committed to progressive working conditions and developments in the cleaning and property sector. This encompasses, among other things, a resolute determination to combat illegal employment within the industry. In addition, Honegger supports international, national and regional industry associations. In particular, Honegger contributed to the development of the further training programme as part of the collective bargaining agreement. In March 2018, Honegger became the first company in German-speaking Switzerland to run a corresponding pilot course that serves as a basis for future industry courses in that part of the country.

Finally, Honegger is committed to supporting social projects (e.g. TAK) and makes annual donations to aid organisations and social welfare institutions.

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Ecological sustainability

Honegger makes the long-term protection of the environment its business. Our modern, all-encompassing environmental management system contains strict guidelines relating to environmental protection and ecology. All Honegger employees are kept regularly informed and trained in this respect.

This objective gives rise to specific environmental programmes with concrete measures that Honegger has already firmly integrated in its day-to-day business. They include, for example:

  • The careful handling of resources, such as the judicious and prudent use of cleaning agents
  • The use of environmentally friendly products
  • The use of high-quality cleaning textiles bearing the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.
  • Textile-based cleaning that partially eliminates the need for chemicals
  • The ongoing improvement in energy efficiency in the operation and maintenance of building services in general
  • Satisfying the power requirements of the Honegger head office with energy from renewable sources
  • Energy optimisation through waste heat recovery for various facilities


Head of Environmental Management
E-mail: qm@honegger.ch

Economic sustainability

The Honegger sustainability philosophy also encompasses economic aspects. We do our utmost to offer you the maximum possible benefit at all times, while keeping consumption at a minimum. For example, economically sustainable management guarantees the best possible utilisation of your properties and facilities. Effective and energy-efficient maintenance ensures the long-term preservation of value.

Regular, systematic monitoring by means of audits

We check and document adherence to and effectiveness of the sustainability guidelines at all levels by means of internal and external audits carried out at regular intervals.

Certificates and labels

Our quality management system has been certified in accordance with SN EN ISO 9001 and regularly renewed since 1997.

All Honegger locations are also certified to SN EN ISO 14001 and SN EN ISO 45001, in addition to SN ISO 9001.

  • SN EN ISO 9001 Quality since 1997
  • SN EN ISO 14001 Environment since 2005
  • SN EN ISO 45001 Work Safety since 2011
ISO Certificate

ISO Certificate