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«I don’t need status symbols»

Stefan honegger

Chairman of the Board

It’s not that the boss’s door is always open – no, it simply doesn’t exist.

Openness and modesty are the virtues that Stefan Honegger exemplifies to his staff every day. For example, his trainees’ desks are every bit as well equipped as his own - he simply wouldn’t have it any other way.

Honegger AG has been an important part of his life from a very early age. At the lunch table, young Stefan listened to his father and grandfather discussing new customers and products. His first career aspiration was not a position in the family business however, but to be a military pilot.

Stefan Honegger’s eyesight thwarted that plan however. Instead, on his father’s advice, he studied business management and computer science and joined the family business. The perfect prerequisites with which to successfully tackle the digital revolution. He smiles as he recalls the software updates in the branches in the early 1990s: he slept in a sleeping bag in front of the servers while the computers were brought up-to-date in the background.

Stefan Honegger views today’s changes as more radical than anything experienced before.

He is convinced that “in the coming years, the technologies and the way in which we provide our services will change fundamentally”.

Nevertheless one thing will remain the same: the customer and his properties will remain paramount.

With his positive attitude to life, strength of purpose and receptiveness to new ideas, he will grasp the challenges with alacrity. And Stefan Honegger has another passion outside the company: his love of flying continues – albeit in his spare time.

Stefan Honegger