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The congenial bon vivant

Romeo Luraschi

Regional Manager Zurich, Central, North and East Switzerland

To be there from start to finish, when customer wishes become reality.

That is an ever-recurring highlight in the day-to-day work of Romeo Luraschi, who has been with Honegger AG since 2007. “Here it is not just the offer that counts; the personal chemistry also has to be right“ of that the management board member has no doubt.

With his honesty, open manner and delight in a good service provided, he is particularly highly regarded. He is proud to be playing his part in the front line in a traditional Swiss family company.

“Successfully tackling changing times is simply great fun“ says Romeo Luraschi.

In addition, he is a bon vivant, who loves to celebrate good food with friends and family and also enjoys an occasional trip abroad: “That gives me fresh ideas and expands my horizon.“

Stefan Honegger