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Positive thoughts are the keys to starting the engine of success

roger giger

Regional Manager Zurich, Central, North and East Switzerland

«Positive thinking can move mountains» is how Roger Giger describes the credo by which he lives and works. The experienced FM professional joined the Honegger Group on 1 February 2023 with the aim of making a difference. «I am looking forward to strengthening the market position in the region together with my employees and to sustainably shaping the relationship with our customers as a high-quality partner».  For him, the focus is always on people: «Being successful - we can only do that as a team».

Roger Giger is a profound expert in the Facility Management industry and has learned his trade from scratch. The St. Gallen native has been active in managerial positions since 2001 and was most recently also responsible for digital transformation projects. At Honegger, he will therefore not only shape the FM fortunes in his region, but also help shape the transformation of Switzerland's digital facility services provider.

Roger Giger also likes to be on the move in his private life: He finds a valuable balance in diving, American football and travelling.