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Digital transformation «this is what i do»

Matthias Peter

Head of Business Development

The constant technological changes taking place in the FM industry never stop challenging our ability to be adaptable and versatile. These are qualities that executive board member Matthias Peter embodies in particular – after all, with his commitment to the digitization process right from the start, he has constantly been dedicated to the process of transforming our company together with the executive board.

«Management must help shape the digital transformation process, as this enables us to build a sustainable basis with our collaborators and develop extensive skills and expertise so that we can impress our customers with the quality of our products and services. To promote and practice our corporate culture in order to improve service quality and translate data into explicit knowledge» – Matthias Peter’s credo.

In addition to integral FM services and our core business of cleaning, the business economist and computer scientist is especially looking forward to the business fields of cleanrooms, food and healthcare, as these are still relatively unknown in the market. As an experienced industry insider, it is very important to Matthias Peter for the company to continue to strengthen its know-how and positions itself very carefully in the market.

Sailing and golf are his two main hobbies outside of work. He loves the constant challenge and the art of using many external influences to improve performance and technical skills. He also uses jogging as a way to generate innovative ideas.

Matthias Peter