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honesty and trust as corporate values

marc pfister

Regional Manager and Head of Integral Facility Management Berne, midland region & Basel

Honesty, trust, fairness and enjoyment of work as corporate values: Marc Pfister is building on this strong foundation.

«Ambitious goals are reached faster if the company culture allows us to learn from mistakes. This creates a climate of trust that enables us to find innovative solutions which help us and our clients to grow», this is Marc Pfister’s firm belief.

The FM sector is far from being uncharted territory for Marc, he is well-acquainted with its challenges and knows that technological changes have significant effects on the market. As a member of the executive board, he uses his extensive knowledge to focus, on the one hand, on managing his region and, on the other hand, on the areas of FM and company development in order to organize them effectively and drive them forward.

In his leisure time the qualified lawyer and business management graduate enjoys the mountain landscape of the Bernese Oberland, unwinds by swimming, and loves reading and spending time with his friends.

Stefan Honegger