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«You can only succeed as a team» 

Marc Christen

Head of Central Services

Every single input from his employees is valuable and welcome for Marc Christen. This is despite or maybe because of the fact that he heads numerous different areas: Finance and Controlling, HR, IT and central administration. And so it comes as no surprise that “all success is based on good and uncomplicated teamwork,” as Marc Christen knows. Daily, intensive interexchange with a wide range of employees is paramount for the experienced accountant.

Together with his team, Marc Christen is striving to become even more effective and efficient, and to provide the best possible support to internal customers in the operational areas. “This way, every area can concentrate optimally on its core task of service provision.”

In order to balance his demanding role, Marc Christen does plenty of sport. Whether it is fitness, diving, hiking or skiing, Christen simply loves variety.

Stefan Honegger