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«We are all Equal»

Manuela Loretan

Head of Human Resources

A family atmosphere, modern work equipment, short decision-making paths – the human resources manager knows precisely what makes her company attractive for employees.

Manuela Loretan, who will be entitled to bear the title of qualified expert in HR Management after her studies which she is currently completing, has worked for Honegger AG since 2013.

Her guiding principle is to implement the statutory requirements together with the corporate philosophy for the best possible benefit of all. What she particularly likes about her job is the diversity and the mutually respectful cooperation with her colleagues.

Being discreet and professional, she is not inclined to relate any anecdote from her work life. There’s just one thing she will admit to: the annual game dinner in convivial company is one of her highlights away from the work routine.

Pleasure and togetherness are also important in her private life, such as when she spends time with her godchildren or recharges her batteries on a wellness break.

Stefan Honegger