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Innovative man of action and organisational talent

Klaus Lorenz

Regional Manager Berne, midland region & Basel

“When we’re shorthanded, everyone pitches in“, says Klaus Lorenz in praise of the Honegger team’s great commitment.

Even the management is never too proud to get involved. The regional manager has no doubt that the flexible structure and independence rank among Honegger AG’s success factors.

He attaches great importance to setting an example to his staff: living by his principles of fairness, a proactive approach and solidarity. He knows the company like the back of his hand, after all, he has been part of the Honegger family since 2002. He has already proven his management qualities as team, area and branch manager.

Today as a member of the management board, his favourite roles are juggling with numbers and seeing major projects through. On a personal level, his greatest desire is to keep up his health. He takes of this by playing sports, eating well and relaxing in the domestic oasis of wellbeing.

Stefan Honegger