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«The company is my second family»

Heribert Marchon

Head of Quality Management & Education

Heribert Marchon’s currency is probably the hardest and most direct in the world: as head of quality management, environmental management and work security, his work is reflected directly in customer satisfaction. Although the diverse solutions offered may be extremely individual, the insistence on high quality never changes.

He has every reason to be proud of the company’s standards: Honegger AG’s quality assurance system is always being refined. And after working for the company for almost 30 years, Heribert Marchon is well-qualified to know.

But what exactly does quality mean to him? “Satisfying customer needs“, says the Harley-Davidson enthusiast.

His leisure time, of course, he spends with his Harley: On rides in the summer, and tinkering with it in the cellar in the winter months. Working with his hands for change.

Stefan Honegger