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The networker from the sunny south

Gianfranco Rotta

Regional Manager French-part of Switzerland & Ticino

“It's easier to seal a deal over an aperitif together“, says Gianfranco Rotta describing the mentality in French-speaking Swizerland & Ticino. However, before it gets to sealing the deal, serious preparations are also the order of the day in French-speaking Switzerland & Ticino.

Our mentality coincides perfectly with Honegger AG: Congenial, informal, customer-oriented. Gianfranco Rotta who lives in Lugano values the stability and responsibility his work offers him. A member of the company since 1999, the management board member has been involved in many challenging Honegger projects. And which is he particularly proud of?

The practical involvement in the major project for the AFLO (Armed Forces Logistics Organisation) headed by Stefan Honegger which can be described as a success story. “I am proud of the fact that we successfully mastered the logistical challenge of taking over 650 buildings at one time - in the whole of Switzerland and to the satisfaction of the customer.“

The executive is also proactive and committed in his private life as well: As Vice-President of the Harley-Davidson Club Ticino, he enjoys organising events and great tours.

Stefan Honegger