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«We want to be in the vanguard»

Freek van den Hout

Head of Facility Management

He is a breath of fresh air in the Honegger AG management team: Freek van den Hout, the motorcycling Dutchman. He is the most recent addition to the management board.

As Head of Facility Management, his task is to develop a new business area. “Our personnel are doing everything in their power to offer customers a perfect service – that is the ideal basis for success in facility management“, says Freek van den Hout from experience. And what else matters?

Good communication in all areas and the ability to bring together the commercial, technical and infrastructural requirements under one roof.

He attaches particular importance to state-of-the-art software and competent personnel. Finding them is an easy task for him, because Honegger AG is an attractive employer. Dependable, appreciative and fair.

Freek van den Hout