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down-to-earth and persistent

Bernhard Lengacher

Head of Human Resources

For Bernhard Lengacher, the success of Honegger AG has top priority - and as is well known, the success of a company is the sum of the successes of its employees. For the HR manager, it is therefore an important concern to harmonize the goals of the company and the employees as much as possible.

"I make a point of it, that the HR organisation is perceived and appreciated as a reliable service provider for the company and its 6,400 employees in all HR matters."

Bernhard Lengacher is a federally certified Head of Human Resources as well as a business economist HF and has been working in HR for 18 years. He has extensive experience in both strategic and operational HR management in SMEs and large companies.

In his free time, the Bernese Oberlander loves to be out and about in the mountains or enjoys trips in his vintage car. He also enjoys dealing with local historical topics.

Bernhard Lengacher