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frank, forthright and dedicated


Head of Human Resources

Bringing a human dimension to the economic equilibrium at the heart of the company – this is Béatrice Benkler’s approach.
The HR manager is very clear: ”We must call a spade a spade, a company is only successful if its employees are motivated and supported by us as credible examples of leadership.”

As an entrepreneur, passionate HR manager and member of the executive board, Béatrice Benkler considers that modern human resources management must primarily be aligned with the company’s strategy. ”Having a good business understanding is also indispensable for a person in charge of HR“. For her, it is clear – one of the main tasks is to empower employees and managers alike so that they can all carry out their jobs in the market as well as possible.

Benkler sees herself as a team player in her HR group, both in the head office and in its subsidiaries. She stands up for those around her and is committed to clear, consistent and efficient HR processes. ”It’s important for us together to have the operational processes under control, and I know that I can absolutely rely on my staff. They do a great job every day“, says Benkler.

This energetic woman enjoys a colourful and lively lifestyle outside work. Both of her parents were talented musicians and her father was an enthusiastic pilot and racing driver in his free time and this has rubbed off on her. Béatrice loves beautiful cars. When she was younger the cars were fast, nowadays they are a little slower, which means she has more time to enjoy these splendid vehicles.

Béatrice Benkler