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If you carry out caretaking & cleaning in-house, we will support you with our facility management consultancy to optimise your processes and costs.

Our consultancy services

  • Property analysis, evaluation and optimisation
  • Implementation and personnel planning
  • Quality management checks
  • Detailed cost plan
  • Basic and further training of skilled staff
  • Preparation and evaluation of submission documentation
  • Presentation / management summary

Outsourcing of cleaning or facility management services, cleanroom or healthcare tasks is not always desirable or worthwhile.

In such cases, Honegger AG’s specialists will be pleased to offer advice and assistance to optimise your processes and costs. Would you like to optimise your in-house cleaning? Do you need help preparing or evaluating submission documentation?

Our extensive know-how and familiarity with industry benchmarks enable us to provide you with optimum advice and support.

Selected customers and assignments



Our specialists will be pleased to provide you with further information about our services and advise you without obligation on your behalf. 

Freephone number: 0800 466 344

To assist you, we maintain a local presence throughout Switzerland. The contact details of our regional offices can be found here.