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Maintenance cleaning:
Let's keep our world more beautiful

Maintenance cleaning:
Let's keep our world more beautiful

Maintenance cleaning:
Let's keep our world more beautiful

Soiling invariably takes place wherever people live, work, do their shopping and spend their leisure time. Be it either directly or via the air through soot, dust, pollen and sand deposits. Our buildings are exposed to such contamination every day.

A healthy working and living environment, and value retention for buildings, would not be possible without the regular work of cleaning specialists.

Working day in and out throughout Switzerland, our employees do their utmost to ensure that cleanliness and hygiene prevails.

Specialist cleaning services: 
Expertise for particular requirements

Specialist cleaning services: 
Expertise for particular requirements

Specialist cleaning services:
Expertise for particular requirements

Construction site cleaning:
Here for you – 24/7

Completion deadline bottlenecks tend to be the rule rather than the exception in new construction and conversion projects. That's why our specialists in the B&S (construction site and special cleaning) department can frequently also be found working at night and on weekends.

Despite the hectic activities often associated with the completion of a construction project, we never lose sight of our objective: flawless final cleaning in compliance with the agreements with the client and our high internal quality standards.

Building exterior cleaning: A gleaming appearance

Building exteriors are frequently subjected to extreme weather and environmental influences. It is especially coarse-pored surfaces such as stone, wood and plaster that attract stubborn layers of dirt and detract from the visual appearance of a building. Comprehensive cleaning, impregnation and regular care will protect the building against future soiling. Leaving it to remain the attractive face of your home or business.

Our experienced specialist cleaning team possesses wide-ranging knowledge when it comes to chemicals and cleaning techniques, and has all the necessary equipment and tools to hand. Even difficult tasks can be handled quickly and professionally by us. Be it dust, soot or other deposits: we will remove all dirt deep from within pores – permanently!

Contact us and arrange a no-obligation visit!

Window cleaning: Greater transparency for better insights

Clean windows, interior glazing and blinds are what a company is judged by. With many years of experience and all the latest equipment, we will clean windows, window sills, frames and blinds thoroughly and quickly.

The application of a glass sealant is frequently useful in helping to repel dirt from windows. Here, the glass surface is sealed permanently with an innovative pane protector that significantly reduces the adhesion of dirt particles.

Please get in touch with us! We'll be pleased to advise you without obligation.

Graffiti removal: Is it art, or can it be dispensed with?

Building exteriors that have been defaced with graffiti result in annual losses running into the millions. Individuals and entire gangs move about, night after night, in order to immortalise themselves on building exteriors and at other locations. Often with catastrophic consequences.

Because graffiti on buildings and structures

  • is a visual impairment
  • promotes urban decay
  • attracts imitators
  • damages structural integrity

All this leads to an enduring reduction in value of the properties involved.

A building should ideally be protected against future coloured defacements immediately after the removal of any graffiti. For example, by the application of a protective coating.

We will be pleased to provide you with a proposal for preventative measures and graffiti removal.

Blind cleaning service: To make privacy look its best

Vertical blinds are frequently used in office environments for privacy and sun protection. But they can also be found in hospitals, medical practices and a wide array of commercial premises.

While floors and furniture are cleaned regularly, blinds are often neglected. This will affect overall appearance and is also questionable on hygienic grounds.

Our mobile blind cleaning process allows blinds to regain their sparkle on site – without being removed – quickly and inexpensively.

Interior car park cleaning: Cleanliness has right of way

Daily soiling by vehicles, such as tyre marks, leads to continuous sullying in interior car parks, which frequently often also impacts on surrounding commercial and office premises.

The regular cleaning of lamps can also significantly improve the quality of lighting, which in turn contributes to greater safety.

Our specialist large-surface cleaning team has the technical equipment plus the necessary expertise to also clean large car parks quickly and efficiently.

Escalator cleaning: Safety overnight

The presence of dust and dirt in escalators will not only detract from their appearance, but also represent a significant fire hazard.
The regular cleaning of escalators – even overnight – with mobile specialist equipment will extend their service life and eliminate this hazard.

Play ball cleaning – 1:0 for safety

Bacteriological tests show: Play balls in day care, play and learning settings for children far too frequently show very high bacteriological counts.

We will clean and disinfect such balls to ensure that children's fun and enjoyment remains undiminished. Balls are treated using specialised machines and can be made available for use again after a few hours.

Chewing gum removal: Without leaving a trace

2.5 tonnes of chewing gum are consumed in Switzerland every year. Much of it ends up as an extremely weather-resistant covering in public places, streets, etc.

By employing an efficient technology, it is possible to completely remove such residues without damaging underlying surfaces. In an eco-friendly and gentle manner. Both indoors and outdoors.

Cleaning is achieved in a single pass, making the method very efficient and also the first choice for larger areas.

Areas of use:

  • Schools/universities
  • Shopping streets/shopping centres
  • Hotels/restaurants/cinemas
  • Waiting and pedestrian zones
  • Public areas such as railway stations

We will be pleased to provide you with a no-obligation proposal; simply get in touch with us!

Property maintenance: At the right address – 25 times!

Are you seeking an effective and economical solution for the maintenance and cleaning of your property? If so, you've found the right company in Honegger: With 25 offices across Switzerland, we can offer you customised, tailored solutions directly on site at your premises:

In the property

  • Cleaning tasks
  • Inspection and maintenance work (technical equipment)
  • Minor repairs
  • Garbage disposal

In the surrounding grounds

  • Cleaning and maintenance of the surrounding grounds
  • Cleaning of the site exterior and vehicle parking facility
  • Inspection work (e.g. exterior lighting)
  • Winter road de-icing and snow clearance (details, read more)
  • Gardening and green waste disposal
  • Winter pruning

Specialist tasks

  • Chewing gum removal
  • Pest control and prevention
  • Commercial entrance mats and matwells
  • Window and curtain cleaning
  • Relocation cleaning
  • Accommodation and office cleaning
  • Delivery acceptances

Organisational matters

  • Facility administration
  • Holiday and absence stand-ins
  • Facility management consulting
  • Analysis of maintenance and cooperation contacts
  • Building management

We would be pleased to put together a solution package, individually tailored to your wishes.

Private households:
Where well-kept homeliness comes naturally

Private households:
Where well-kept homeliness comes naturally

Private households:
Where well-kept homeliness comes naturally

Would you like to have a cared-for, comfortable and clean home? Our employees will be delighted to look after your home. We'll attend to all of the jobs that need doing in and around your household – flexibly, without fuss and with great attention to detail. To do this we'll assign a permanent professional team to you that will carry out its work discreetly and dependably. We work in teams of two, since experience has shown that this achieves the best outcome for you.

Holidays by our employees, or even an absence due to illness, will not affect the fulfillment of your order since we are well organised and able to precisely schedule replacement personnel. Whether we clean, wash, iron or shop on your behalf – you'll realise one thing without fail: you'll soon start feeling a whole lot more 'at home' in your home.

In the Zug region, our subsidiary, fründlich gründlich ag, will carry out this demanding work.

Contract personnel:
Ace personnel for unexpected staff shortages

Contract personnel:
Ace personnel for unexpected staff shortages

Contract personnel:
Ace personnel for unexpected staff shortages

Job Services offers trained and reliable staff for short-term contacts to companies of all sizes and across all sectors throughout Switzerland. For example to provide holiday cover, to close a gap arising from illness or an accident, or to bridge an unexpected personnel shortage at short notice.

Our cleaning staff from 25 offices across Switzerland look forward to supporting you in all of your cleaning-related tasks as well as specialist fields. We also welcome enquiries for short-notice requirements!

Expertise at your service

Expertise at your service

The outsourcing of cleaning services is not always desirable or sensible. In such instances the specialists from Honegger AG will be pleased to make their expertise available to you. Be it to optimise in-house cleaning services or to assist in producing submission documents.

Our consultancy service covers the following areas:

  • Property analysis
  • QM checks
  • Detailed cost plan
  • Initial and further training documents
  • Submission templates
  • Presentation / Management summary